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Easily Recognizable

The bright white or red colors of HiLetters are easily recognizable. Grab the attention of customers and start increasing your sales or foot traffic.

Standing Letters

HiLetters neon sign can stand on desks on its own. No installation is needed. You can put in a cashier, tables, or even on shelves. 

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

Each magnetic letter is made with a safer and energy-saving LED. Save up to 80% power with the 12V power adapter that comes with the package.

Ready to Deliver

Excited to get your order? You don’t have to wait for too long. All our HiLetters are in stock and ready for delivery the next business day.

The neon letter  V sign is a suitable add-on after purchasing our custom HiLetter lights. Assemble your own custom wall lettering with HiLetters! Create more neon words by getting more neon letter lights! Easily replace and add characters to create new words you can use for business or at home. 

Neon V can be bought in either white or red neon color. You can mix and match the color of your sign by combining individually purchased neon letter lights. HiLetters is like your own letter light board only cooler! 

Save more and increase your sign’s efficiency by simply replacing a character instead of replacing your whole neon sign. HiLetters is perfect for menus, personalized name lights, greetings, occasions, events, and more. 

Instead of a simple nice board or a sign, you can have an easy-to-use light-up neon sign that you can easily customize! Get limitless use of your HiLetters neon lights with each magnetic neon letter! It’s super easy to use! It doesn’t fall off and lights up through the magnetic rail. 

Of course, you can’t use this LED neon letter without your HiLetters magnetic rail. Haven’t created your own personalized HiLetters neon sign yet? Enjoy creating your own custom LED word sign now!




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Create Your Own HiLetters

Assemble your own set of HiLetters! Head over to our Design Lab and test out any word, phrase, or quote you like!

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