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Neon signs have always been something that fascinates us. It’s incredible how we can make picturesque sceneries and make a simple place enjoyable with neon colors. We want to spread color and light and make every home and streets feel like magic. Light up the world with neon and make magic happen.

Since 2016 we at HiNeon have been committed to producing the very best Neon Signs at an affordable price. We believe that not everyone might not have the luxury of having quality neon signs, but here at HiNeon, we give you just that at a reasonable price. 

Neons are timeless and loved by all generations. But we understand that tastes, trends, and needs of individuals and businesses evolve. With this thought in mind,  we continue to innovate by always staying one step ahead of market trends without compromising price. 

Today, HiNeon’s purpose-built LED technology strengthens our mission by being the most affordable, brightest, longest-lasting, and environmentally friendly neon sign that we have ever produced.

Looking towards the future, we continue to innovate. Our latest product: “HiLetters,” are a new category in the neon sign industry. It’s customizable and fully flexible to your business needs. HiLetters feature the same HiNeon LED Technology that we use in each of our custom-made and pre-built neon signs without compromising performance.


HiNeon specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and pre-built neon signs or artwork. We strive to make it possible. Our dedicated team will work with you to make the perfect neon sign for your business and personal needs.


Easy ordering process. Got a design in mind? Fill out a form and our neon specialists will contact you right away.


We make it happen. With our advanced LED technology and modern designs. be sure only to get the best neon sign of great quality.


Sit back, relax, and receive your sign straight to your doorstep. Our signs are all courier-safe and packed with care.


We guarantee only quality neons are delivered to you. Guaranteed you get a 1-year warranty on all neon signs purchased.


We have been trusted and have worked with big international as well as local brands to bring their neon signages to life!


Delivering next generation LED neon technology made widely accessible to everyone