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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, please expect a +1 week production delay for custom orders.

Light it up with HiNeon custom LED signs


Highly durable, completely flexible, one sign unlimited possibilities.

Key Features:

Dual sided

6 colors to choose from

10 days delivery time


Elegance meets high performance, engineered for any occasion.

Key Features:

4 fonts to choose from

9 colors to choose from

2-3 weeks delivery time

Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring our most advanced LED technology.

Key Features:

Create any shape/form

RGB option available

2-4 weeks delivery time

The time is always right to add some illumination. At HiNeon, we’re dedicated to creating light-up signs to bring a touch of neon magic to your life. No glass. No high electricity bills. It’s the most beautiful and cost-efficient way to supercharge the ambiance of any place.

With HiNeon, it’s not just about neon signs for sale. We are here to produce artworks rather than ordinary lights. With this idea behind everything we do, we use LED technology and PVC in all our products – from HiLetters to HiScripts. Need something more individualized than pre-designed pieces? Then take a closer look at our custom neon signs to unleash your creativity.


Remember that traditional neon? Forget it. Our products are beefed up with LEDs to make your place ablaze with brighter colors. Plus, they are longer-lasting, with their 50,000-hour lifetime proving that. In other words, we ensure that you can enjoy mesmerizing lighting effects for years without any maintenance in between. But even if something goes wrong, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with a 1-year warranty.

By going for our pre-built or personalized neon signs, you can avail yourself of:

  • diversity of shapes, fonts, and colors
  • dual-sided letters for omnidirectional lighting
  • various color and size combinations within one sign
  • eco-friendly, safe-to-touch pieces
  • waterproof designs (for custom LED signs only)
  • easy-to-install neon lights that do not need much upkeep
  • wallet-friendly prices and lightning-fast project delivery


All of our LED neon lights can be bent and cut into any shapes and forms. The smallest diameter of the curve is 5cm.


Our waterproof LED lights have lifespan of 50,000 hours and can endure maximum of 200kg weight on top.


The environmentally-friendly design of our LED lights are made of the recyclable material, PVC, which is free of lead and mercury.


The LED neon lights has a low-voltage of 12 volts so they are safe to touch. They are also non-flammable.

Eye-catching custom neon signage for all occasions

HiNeon products can benefit individuals and businesses alike. As all our LED neon solutions are designed to bring warmth and comfort, they can transform any place into an incredibly inviting one. Choose your shape, colors, and everything else that you need to end up with an outstanding addition to your:

  • Bar, restaurant, etc. From “Open” neon signs to logos and symbols, we can produce them all. Now, no one will resist dropping in.
  • Wedding. The glow of your love can be even warmer with a flash of gentle neon light. For the icing on the cake, it will help add a personal touch to your wedding photos.
  • Home décor. Why not brighten up your home? Our neon products can be easily put onto walls to enhance the atmosphere in any room.
  • Birthday party. Believe it or not, the right lighting solution can make all the difference when partying. Let HiNeon produce a unique one for you.




Making lives brighter in Canada and the USA

Have you already found the LED neon sign that appeals to you? Or maybe you want us to design a custom one? Either way, you better contact us first. Upload your drawings or any other files for personalized neon signs so that our designers can take them further.

HiNeon is based in Vancouver, although our shipping capabilities are not limited to Canada only. We can also ship to anywhere in the U.S. And yes, we do vouch for the fastest delivery!