Greet customers with a glowing welcome using open-for-business signs


Spell your brand's essence with switchable magnetic neon letters.


Beautiful and sleek word neon signs that create impactful impressions.


Transform your space into an aesthetic haven with our aesthetic neon signs.

Storefront Signs

Upgrade your shop's curb appeal with head-turning storefront neon signs.

Attract passersby and encourage them to step inside with a vibrant outdoor neon sign. Your business doesn’t simply close when rain or snow falls, so a durable and weatherproof outdoor sign is ideal for you. Get a trendy or classic neon touch to your barber shop, salon, or convenience store, retail store, and more. Aside from open outdoor signs for business establishments, exterior business signs also look good on food stalls, trucks, and carts. 

Invite early-morning and late-night customers to your store with our outdoor neon sign. We also have waterproof open outdoor signs and drive-thru signs to guide travelers looking for your products and services. With IP65-protected neon lights, your storefront sign shines brightly for hours, day and night. 


Browse our selection of LED neon light products for your business!


Interchangeable and magnetic neon letters.


Word neon signs for business use or indoor events.