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Mood Booster

Energize your space with a cool neon sign! Add a great mood to your shop or room and instantly feel good and awesome.

Plug and Play

Directly plugs into 2 prong plug. Get the vibrant and vivid effect of the open neon art sign you can directly plugin.

Seamless Design

Say goodbye to ugly backings and say hello to seamless neon designs with no excess backing necessary. Combine it with some art and it will surely give out a wow!

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

LED is a safer & energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lights. Save up to 80% power with the 12V power adapter that comes with the package.

Long before emojis existed, hand signs were probably the most used way to communicate with other people. In fact, hand signs and gestures have taken down a lot of communication barriers through the years. Without using any words, two fingers held up in a V shape while front-facing can make significant and positive connections.

Widely known as the V sign or the finger peace sign, this hand gesture has always been universally known as a symbol of peace, unity, and harmony. If you’re in search of something to decorate your walls that show peace and positive vibes, this Hand Sign for Peace neon LED light may be your best option!

  • Stand out from the crowd with a bright and attention-grabbing neon light.
  • Easily mount this piece on any wall with its built-in installation accessories.
  • Maximize product performance with durable, robust, and sturdy materials.
  • Represent your brand with an aesthetic and carefully curated glow-up sign.
  • Size measurement: 15″ x 9″

Perfect for homes, business spaces, restaurants, and pubs, this cool victory sign will definitely make any space light up in style. Grab yours today!

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