The price of your custom LED neon lights depends on the backing, design, and dimensions. 
Use our sample custom neon sign pricing as a reference. 


How much do custom LED neon signs generally cost?

We don’t have a minimum pricing for our custom neon signs. Please take note that cost is affected by different factors and it depends on the client’s requirements.

What affects the pricing of custom neon signages?

Our personalized LED signs have different prices depending on the complexity of the design, colors, size, backing, and other customization options. We ensure that all our custom signages are high quality and that are expert team will offer you support from the designing stage through the delivery of your products.

Can I get a quote for a custom neon sign?

Yes, we provide free quotes for custom neon signs. Please provide us with details about your design and specifications for an accurate estimate.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

Accessories such as a remote control or a dimmer switch are typically not included in the initial pricing. You can purchase these items separately if you want them for your neon sign.