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Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Winnipeg, Manitoba and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver BC and we deliver Canada wide in 2-3 weeks.



Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring
our most advanced LED technology.

Create any shape/form
RGB option available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Elegance meets high performance.
Engineered for any occasion.


6 neon sign fonts
7 colors available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Highly durable, completely flexible.
One sign, unlimited possibilities.

Magnetic LED letters
2 colors to choose from
Next day delivery



The perfect partner for your business’ storefront.
Different font, colors, and unique designs.

Remote controlled
6 colors to choose from
10 days delivery time



Shapes, and patterns you’ll love!
Perfect gifts and home decorations.


Plug and Play
Up to 7 colors available
2-3 weeks delivery time

LED Neon Sign Projects by HiNeon

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HiNeon Projects Near Winnipeg


Custom LED signs manufacturer for Winnipeg and other cities of Manitoba


Custom Neon Lights in Winnipeg, Manitoba

LED neon signs are scattered throughout the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can take a stroll on the streets of Corydon Avenue, Osborne Village, or St. Boniface to see glowing signs and explore what the restaurants and shops have to offer.

LBJ You Belong Here Words Neon Sign Pink Winnipeg Manitoba CALocated in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the Little Brown Jug uses the custom text neon light we created for their brewery. This cozy place is known for its signature 1919 Belgian Pale Ale

Victory Pints Games on Airlies Streetsells tabletop games that make hanging out with friends and family even more fun. They used our neon sign for their storefront to let people know when they’re ready for business. 

The same goes for the Character Co. cannabis store on Lorette Avenue. They used a vibrant LED open sign to ensure that their customers and passersby know they’re welcome to enter the shop while the neon sign lights up. 

Northlore on Albert Street in Winnipeg offers a variety of handmade goods and locally sourced products. They used our open sign so everyone knows they can shop the jewelry, home decor, and apothecary items they sell.

Other things to see in Winnipeg aside from the stores are the buildings. Inspired by the city’s unique architecture, we created a neon sign that truly represents the city of Winnipeg. 

Winnipeg sign in a restaurantHere’s our minimalist neon Winnipeg skyline. We featured three of the famous structure in the area: the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Esplanade Riel Footbridge, and the 300 Main Winnipeg. 

Winnipeg signs are a staple to the city. Wondering how to improve your own brand? Get a business sign that reflects your brand! If you need a sign company in Winnipeg, HiNeon delivers neon signages all over the U.S. and Canada. 

Get your LED neon lights from a leading LED neon sign maker today. 

Why Choose HiNeon for Your Winnipeg Sign

Neon signs are widely known since they are evident even in low-light conditions and are energy efficient. 

In a crowded city, it may require a lot of effort to compete with businesses. HiNeon makes customized neon lights based on your unique requirements and preferences. Your design will be reproduced by our skilled LED signage makers and designers.

Get a LED neon Winnipeg sign to increase foot traffic in your store!

Conserve Energy

LED neon consumes 75% less energy than other lighting sources. 


Our outdoor LED neon light can withstand different temperatures and still brighten up your space. 

Long-lasting Signage

Our products can last up to 10 years or 50,000+ hours of usage. 

Hassle-Free Installation

Lightweight and easy-to-install neon signs. 

Expand Your Market

Vibrant Winnipeg shop sign for indoor or outdoor use gives a welcoming atmosphere to your establishment. 

Free Delivery 

We deliver customized neon signs and LED neon designs in the U.S. and Canada. 

Create Your Story

Our clients use the personalized or premade neon signs we created for their homes, events, stores, and commercial areas. Show your personality or story with a neon sign. See our neon lights offer and find which one fits your needs!

Winnipeg LED Neon Lights FAQ

Got some questions about LED neon lights in Winnipeg? We’re here to help. 

Are LED neon lights cheaper than glass neon signs?

Yes, because LED neon signs are made from flexible plastic tubes filled with a mixture of gases and lit by LEDs. Meanwhile, a glass neon sign is made from glass tubes filled with neon gas. The cost of materials for LED neon signs is lower than for glass neon signs. 

How long do LED neon signs last? 

Usually, an LED neon light can last for 50,000 hours. So if you use it for 14 hours daily, you can keep your neon lights for up to 10 years. This means it is built to ensure you can use it as home decor or signage for business for a long time. 

Do LED neon signs emit harmful radiation? 

LED neon signs emit very low levels of non-ionizing radiation, which is not harmful to human health. This type of signage is safe to use for residential or commercial use. 

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