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Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Saskatoon, and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver, BC and we deliver signs to all U.S. States.



Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring
our most advanced LED technology.

Create any shape/form
RGB option available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Elegance meets high performance.
Engineered for any occasion.


6 neon sign fonts
7 colors available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Highly durable, completely flexible.
One sign, unlimited possibilities.

Magnetic LED letters
2 colors to choose from
Next day delivery



The perfect partner for your business’ storefront.
Different font, colors, and unique designs.

Remote controlled
6 colors to choose from
10 days delivery time



Shapes, and patterns you’ll love!
Perfect gifts and home decorations.


Plug and Play
Up to 7 colors available
2-3 weeks delivery time

LED Neon Sign Projects by HiNeon

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Custom LED signs manufacturer for Saskatoon and other cities of

Custom Neon Signs for Your Company or Business

Advertising sign is your effective investment. According to scientific research, 70% of purchases people make unplanned and quickly, under the influence of a visual ad message. The pace of modern life is very high, and few people think about a long-time purchase. Therefore, neon signs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan installed in the right place will attract people’s attention every day.

To make the advertising sign bring the maximum financial return, order it from a company with many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers – Hineon. We carry out the production of outdoor advertising of any size and design. We guarantee that the advertising campaign will attract the attention of your future customers, which will ultimately be reflected in the growth of sales and your income.
Win a Large Market Share
A sign is not only a way to communicate a company name. It should, first of all, demonstrate your advantages, show your attitude towards your business, and attract new customers. So it is not worth considering the production of an advertising sign solely as an expense item. If you make the right choice, this investment will pay dividends very soon. It will help you gain brand awareness, customer loyalty, and trust. After all, your sign will inform everyone around you that you love your business and value your customers. Order custom neon signs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to prove your top service level and professionalism.

There are many solutions and ways to make your advertising campaign work at max. When preparing and developing a neon sign for our customers, specialists of the Hineon company will certainly take into account all your wishes. The production of an advertising sign is carried out according to the personalized approach; we prepare an individual project based on your business needs, material peculiarities, and technologies to be used.
Advantages of Working With Us
Operational miscalculation;
Full production cycle;
Product quality guarantee;
Loyalty system;
Fair pricing policy.

We build trusting and lasting relationships while striving to meet the needs of our customers. We use both traditional skills and the latest developments for the production of neon lights in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This huge pool of knowledge allows us to carry out both large, complex projects and small, routine tasks. Whether the order is small or large, we always strive to meet the needs of every client and meet the required time frame. This is why we have longstanding relationships with many of our clients.

We guarantee that you will receive a consistently high level of quality, providing excellent value for money, within a satisfactory short time frame. We strive to identify and resolve issues. Do you need quality neon signs for sale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or would you like to ask us a question? Fill out the application form on the website or give us a call.
Get a Custom Neon Sign in a Click
Each neon object is unique, so just buying a neon sign will not work. In the Hineon company, we take care and are targeted toward every wish of our customers. We carry out a full technological cycle to create a custom-made neon construction:

We develop a design project using 3D design, select the desired glow color and technology for your sign;
We carry out work on fixing cables and installing power elements;
We make signs, assemble them, connect additional equipment – dimmers and timers, controllers and transformers;
We mount and connect ready-made signs;
We carry out warranty, post-warranty service, and repair of neon signs.

Order professional assistance in creating a unique brand identity and get neon light signs in Saskatoon Saskatchewan that worthily represent you.