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HiNeon x The Color Bar Hair Salon Neon Sign

The Color Bar Saskatoon Blue Text Neon Sign

Hair salons often have chic interiors to match the beauty of their services. With a custom hair salon neon sign, The Color Bar in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan added a touch of brightness to their interior. 

Greet customers with a smile and a neon sign that promotes your brand effectively. Like The Color Bar, we also had tons of custom neon lights clients that revamped their space for the better. 

Transform Your Look

Are you searching for a way to change your appearance? The hair coloring treatments by The Color Bar give you a gorgeous new look that perfectly matches your personal style.

They have different hair color options, ranging from bright and bold hues to subtle highlights and lowlights. It’s perfect when trying to find the best colors for you when the season changes. 

You can consult their stylists who mix colors to find the most suitable hair color for you. So whether you want a small or a huge change, you can visit The Color Bar for your hair coloring needs. 

Go to their website to learn more!

Bespoke Hair Salon Neon Sign

The Color Bar’s simple yet stunning script neon sign is prominently displayed above their counter, creating a visually impactful statement that perfectly complements their salon’s decor. Opting for a bold blue neon sign with backing against the light-colored striped walls, the sign provides a beautiful contrast that easily catches the eye, effectively drawing in potential customers.

With its ability to instantly attract attention, the neon sign serves its purpose as a highly effective advertising tool. It also doubles as a perfect backdrop for photos – making it an ideal spot for user-generated content on social media and for building brand awareness.

the color bar saskatoon hair ombre picture with blue hair salon neon sign
Saskatoon Saskatchewan The Color Bar Blue Neon Sign

Get A Cool Salon Signage Today

Overall, The Color Bar’s neon sign is a perfect example of how a simple yet striking design can have a significant impact on a business’s branding and marketing efforts.

Want to improve your salon, too? For premade signs, you can check out our HiPatterns, HiScripts, HiLetters, and Open Signs. Each can be used indoors and looks good in any store. 

If you need something even cooler, we suggest customized LED signage for your hair salon. This way, you can use your logo or any other design unique to your business as your new wall decor or storefront signage. 

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