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Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Washington, District of Columbia and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver, BC and we deliver signs to all U.S. States.



Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring
our most advanced LED technology.

Create any shape/form
RGB option available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Elegance meets high performance.
Engineered for any occasion.


6 neon sign fonts
7 colors available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Highly durable, completely flexible.
One sign, unlimited possibilities.

Magnetic LED letters
2 colors to choose from
Next day delivery



The perfect partner for your business’ storefront.
Different font, colors, and unique designs.

Remote controlled
6 colors to choose from
10 days delivery time



Shapes, and patterns you’ll love!
Perfect gifts and home decorations.


Plug and Play
Up to 7 colors available
2-3 weeks delivery time

LED Neon Sign Projects by HiNeon

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Custom LED signs manufacturer for Washington and other cities of District of Columbia

Custom Neon Light Signs in Washington DC

Washington, DC, the capital of the USA, is well-known across the nation. Along with the Washington Monument and the famous United States Capitol, it is also the location of the White House, which serves as the president of the United States’ official residence while in office.

The city of Washington is also bustling and brightened by different companies. You’ll see that businesses use store signs to enhance the curb appeal of their establishments all across the streets of Washington.

Our neon lighting signs can be customized with your favorite saying or your business’s motto, just like the “Share the Love” Ice ENT Apparel neon signage on Rhode Island Ave. NE in Washington. Its vibrant and fresh colors accentuated the cheerful environment of the store. They offer a variety of lines of apparel such as coats, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other cozy clothing for adults and children.

Local cafe with a Washington DC neon signWe also made sure that we have the Washington City skyline based on the famous landmarks around the DC. It’s easy to spot the Washington Monument, which is the tallest obelisk building in the world. And you’ll also notice some of the most important buildings in the country like the U.S. Capitol and the White House in this city’s neon light.

A bright sign helps customers know that you are open for business. People will be more likely to visit your store if neon lights are installed near the entrance.

Whether you need an open sign, commercial sign, door sign, or storefront sign, HiNeon is the professional neon sign maker you need to start growing your business. 

Get The Best Neon Signs in Washington DC

Neon lights are widely known in Washington since they are evident even in low-light conditions and are energy efficient. 

Competing with businesses in a busy city can take a lot of work. HiNeon creates personalized neon signs based on your specific needs and preferences. Our professional designers and neon signage makers can accurately capture your design. 

Get custom neon light signs in Washington DC to increase foot traffic in your store!

Conserve Energy

LED neon consumes 75% less energy than other lighting sources. 


Our outdoor LED neon light can withstand different temperatures and brighten your space. 

Long-lasting Signage

Our products can last up to 10 years or 50,000+ hours of usage. 

Hassle-Free Installation

Lightweight and easy-to-install neon light signs. 

Expand Your Market

Vibrant Washington sign shop for indoor or outdoor use gives a welcoming atmosphere to your establishment. 

Free Delivery 

Our clients use the personalized or premade neon signs we created for their homes, events, stores, and commercial areas. We deliver customized neon signs and LED neon designs in the U.S. and Canada. 

Create Your Story

Personalize your neon wall decor any way you want. Show your personality or story with the best neon signs in Washington. See our neon lights offer and find which one fits your needs!

Washington Neon Signs FAQ

We answered some of the commonly asked questions about neon lights in Washington DC:

Is it okay to leave my neon sign on overnight? 

Yes! LED neon signs are generally safe to leave for overnight use. The LED neon sign uses low-voltage DC electricity and is designed to meet safety standards. Unlike glass neon signs, LED neon lights do not emit a lot of heat so it’s less hazardous than traditional neon. 

Is it okay for neon signs to get wet? 

No, it’s not okay for LED neon signs to get wet. Ideally, you have to keep the neon light dry and protected from water. 

Some neon signs can be water-resistant but they may still be vulnerable to damage unless it has a protective coating, are covered with a waterproof enclosure, and are customized as weather-resistant outdoor neon signage. 

Where can I get a custom neon sign in Washington?

You can get a custom neon light at HiNeon. We are an LED neon sign company based in Vancouver, BC but we have headquarters in the U.S., too. We deliver custom neon lights and premade neon signs for free around North America. 

Free Washington Custom Neon Sign Mockup & Quote

Let’s create a sign you can showcase in your store. Share with us your design or logo, and we will connect with you within 24 hours after you upload it on our website.