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Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Trois-Rivières, Quebec and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver BC and we deliver Canada wide in 2-3 weeks.



Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring
our most advanced LED technology.

Create any shape/form
RGB option available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Elegance meets high performance.
Engineered for any occasion.


6 neon sign fonts
7 colors available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Highly durable, completely flexible.
One sign, unlimited possibilities.

Magnetic LED letters
2 colors to choose from
Next day delivery



The perfect partner for your business’ storefront.
Different font, colors, and unique designs.

Remote controlled
6 colors to choose from
10 days delivery time



Shapes, and patterns you’ll love!
Perfect gifts and home decorations.


Plug and Play
Up to 7 colors available
2-3 weeks delivery time

LED Neon Sign Projects by HiNeon

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Neon Signs in Trois-Rivières Quebec – Personalized Approach & Top Quality

The use of neon signs is a proven and effective way to attract a target audience for any company, regardless of the business specifics. Creative design and a properly selected constructive solution make it possible to stand out from competitors and create a unique brand. At the same time, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in advertising production. Neon lights in Trois-Rivières Quebec allow business owners to save a lot.

What Are the Benefits?

A professionally produced advertisement construction can significantly increase company sales providing the following advantages.

➔   Attracting the Attention of the Target Audience

When developing a design, the corporate identity, characteristics of a product or service, interests, and preferences of the target audience are taken into account. This allows you to quickly attract the attention of your potential buyers. Beautiful neon light signs in Trois-Rivières Quebec will attract attention at any time of the day and increase the number of visitors. For the max effect, you need to use all the places where you can install advertising signs (street, lobby, hall, office, etc.).

➔   Creating a Special Atmosphere

Decoration of the entrance hall to a store inside a shopping center or office premises in a business center is another use case for custom neon signs. A wide choice of materials, production technologies, and lighting allow you to create a unique installation that will emphasize the advantages of the place and create a special atmosphere.

➔   Increasing Trust & Loyalty of Potential Buyers

A beautifully designed interior and the use of the latest technologies enhance the business reputation and make it easier to build trusting relationships with company customers and partners.

Get the Best When Ordering Custom Neon Signs

To achieve the best results, our professional designers and engineers select the most efficient option based on the installation site as well as your needs and preferences. Even if you have no idea of how your custom neon sign should look like, we will develop the most effective and fresh design for you. Our designers will provide you will a couple of scatches of custom neon signs in Trois-Rivières Quebec so that you could pick the one that works best for you.

Why You Should Order From Us?

We have significant advantages that make us stand out from the crowd of similar companies:


  • Affordable prices – We offer some of the best prices on the market not because we use low-quality material or reduce production costs. The situation is completely different – we have our own production and do not overpay for the work others do;
  • Custom design as per customer needs – Our professional designers will help you to make a scatch for your future neon project. We are not afraid of difficult tasks and will carry out any task regardless of its complexity and urgency;
  • High quality – We guarantee high-quality neon constructions. All signs are made of high-quality, serviceable materials and are thoroughly tested;
  • Efficiency – We can boast an efficient order turnaround. Our specialists always carry out orders qualitatively in the terms agreed with a customer. So there is no reason for you to worry about late deliveries or delays.


To order neon signs for sale in Trois-Rivières Quebec, you just need to fill out the form on our website or give us a call.