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What is the difference between HiScripts and HiLetters?

0 days ago • updated

The main differences between HiScripts and HiLetters are their production time and design features. HiScripts are shipped between 2-3 weeks while HiLetters are ready to ship the next business day. Although both are customizable word neons, there are a lot of obvious differences. HiScript has a more permanent design. With HiScripts, you have the option to choose colors, size, and fonts from pre-selected options. HiLetters on the other hand lets you customize your message as you wish. Choose to remove or re-arrange characters on your magnetic ream. Its magnetic ream not only makes your sign light up. It also works as a stand to make HiLetter a desktop neon sign. However, HiLetter only has two colors and one font.

HiScripts and HiLetters Comparison Chart
Lead TimeShips between 5-6 weeksShips in 1 business day
DesignPermanent designRe-arrangeable magnetic neon letters
FontRetrology, Comfortaa, Omnium, Antro, Natural, Everything1 Basic font option
ColorWhite, warm white, green, yellow, red, pink (purple), ice blueRed, white
Size8 in, 10 in, 12 in, 15 in2.7 in
Installation optionsDirect to wall, wire hanging, wall back nailsDesktop, direct to wall


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