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What are the Hi360 LED rope light installation options? 

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What are the ways to mount the Hi360? 

Hi360 is made with a flexible 360-degree round LED rope light. It’s versatile for wall and ceiling light installation that suits your interior projects. It has different working options: flexible, rigid form (with polycarbonate tube cover), or a combination of both.

Hi360 uses anchor points and other installation accessories to support the LED rope light and form the shape of your lighting. 

Install your Hi360 vertically and horizontally using pendant cables or directly to the ceiling. The plastic clip allows you to attach a part of the LED neon rope directly to the ceiling or wall. Meanwhile, the splicing set lets you create a round shape as it connects the ends of the tube.

What are the Hi360 LED rope light installation accessories? 

Hi360 can be mounted in different ways so the installation accessories may vary.

Installation Accessories
Hi360Splice Set

Splice Set

An accessory that helps support and connect the Hi360 LED rope light.

Hi360 End-Cap: An accessory to secure the ends of the Hi360.

hi360plastic clip

Plastic Clip: A clear clip for less visible support for mounting the Hi360 on the wall or ceiling.

Installation Options

Hanging KitSteel Cable and Hook

A suspension cord for hanging Hi360 horizontally.

Hanging Kit – Pole and Hook

A metal stem kit to support and mount the LED rope.

Hi360 Clear Cover Kit – Vertical Pendant

This includes the Hi360 clear polycarbonate (PC) tube cover. It has hanging accessories for vertical installation to the ceiling.

Hi360 Clear Cover KitVertical Direct to Surface

This includes hardware for installing the Hi360 with polycarbonate (PC) tube cover directly to the wall or ceiling in a vertical position. 

Direct To Surface – Double Vertical

Includes accessories that allow installation on the surface. Use it to create loops and curved Hi360 lighting on the ceiling or wall.

Direct to Surface – Vertical W/ Wire

Includes installation set for mounting Hi360 vertically on the ceiling. The visible electrical wire is used to power up the light. 

Hi360 Clear Cover Kit Horizontal Pendant

For installing Hi360 with a clear polycarbonate cover. We suggest a max of 2m for Hi360 with a PC tube cover.


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