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Is HiTube dimmable?

0 days ago • updated
Are all HiTube LED ceiling lights dimmable?

HiTube has dimmable and non-dimmable LED ceiling light options

Non-dimmable Option

Non-dimmable LEDs are designed to either be fully powered ON or OFF. HiTube has a non-dimmable standard driver with an ON or OFF function. This works with the HiNeon RF remote control (optional accessory).

Dimmable Control Options

LEDs have special circuitry inside, allowing them to adjust the luminous flux and illuminate the level of light. These are the lighting control options for HiTube:

0-10V: The brightness of the lighting is based on the voltage. 0-10V allows luminous flux by transmitting a signal between 0V to 10V. 10% is the minimum amount, and it goes up to 100% (10V). 

DALI: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) provides proper lighting through digital data transmission. This means it sends a signal to the two wire lines and then to the main light supply.


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