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How to Install Outdoor Neon Signs

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You may have bought an outdoor open sign or a custom neon sign for outdoors but you aren’t sure how to install them. Installing an outdoor neon sign can be tricky the first time you do it. Outdoor signs usually come with LED drivers and different signs come with different drivers to set up your sign. In HiNeon we use a 12V UL Listed LED Driver and long 3-meter neon wiring for convenient installation. Watch the video or follow this step-by-step guide to successfully install outdoor neon signs!

Things to Prepare

You got most of the stuff you need in the box! Just grab your handy-dandy screwdriver to install an outdoor neon sign!

●   Outdoor Neon Sign

●   12V UL Listed LED Driver

●   Wire (Wago) Connectors

●   Clamp Connectors

●   Power Cord

●   Installation Accessories (Screws & Hanging Chain)

●   Screwdriver

Setting Up the Wiring for your Outdoor Neon Sign

Installing an outdoor sign can be a bit tricky when handling the wirings. check out these quick and easy steps to successfully install your sign.

Step 1

Prepare your LED Driver Set; (LED Driver,  Wire (Wago) Connectors, Screws (Clamp Connectors), and the Power Cord

Step 2

Unscrew the cover from the LED driver using the screwdriver

Step 3 

Remove the cover and set it aside together with the screw. 

Step 4

Check the LED driver to where your wires should go by checking the colors. The wires are all conveniently color-coded so you can attach the right wire to the driver.

Step 5

Decide where you will be placing your LED driver then punch a hole in each side of the LED driver using your hands and apply a bit of force. Make sure that the position of the LED driver and the location where you punch the holes will prevent water from getting inside.

Step 6

Install the clamp connectors to where you punched the holes. Unscrew the ring from the clamp connector. The part with two screws should be on the outside then put in place with the smaller ring inside. Loosen the clamps using a screwdriver to insert your wires. Once the wires are in, tighten the clamp again with a screwdriver.

Step 7

On the output low voltage part, connect the wires from the driver to the LED sign wires. In low voltage red coated wire is positive while the black-coated wire is negative. Connect all negative wires into one wago connector while all positive wires into another wago connector.

Step 8

Finish the same process with the power chord on the line voltage input side. Black (brown) coated wire is the hot wire, white (blue) coated wire is the neutral wire, and green coated wire is the ground.

Step 9

Finally, place the cover and you are ready to hang or install your sign.

Step 10

Now you can install your outdoor neon sign along with the LED driver on the wall! Either attach the hanging chain to the sign or directly screw the open sign on the wall.

Mounting Your Outdoor Neon Sign to Wall

Once your done with the wireing, you can begin to install your outdoor open sign on the wall.

What You’ll Need

Get your neon sign and accessories and don’t forget to grab a few more things in your toolbox. 

●   Installation accessories (drywall anchors, screws)

●   Hammer

●   Screwdriver

●   Driller with a ¼” (6mm) drill bit

●   Pencil  

Mounting Your Outdoor Sign on the Wall

You can put your outdoor sign on the wall by simply following these eight easy instructions.

Step 1

Using a pencil, shade the holes you want to install your sign and LED driver with.

Step 2

Now simply drill the marked areas. Make sure that your driller is ready with a ¼” (6mm) drill bit. Do the same for both sides.

Step 3

Once you have your holes ready, take the drywall anchors and tap them in the wall using a hammer.

Step 4

Now align the holes of your and it’s time to screw in the nails into the drywall anchors.

Step 5

The last step, connect all the wirings together, plug it in, and light it up!

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