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How To Install HiScripts and HiPatterns

0 days ago • updated

HiScripts and HiPattern are small neon signs with no backing. Without the backing, the neon sign looks neat and seamless when installed directly onto your wall. See the best methods for installing your neon sign to have that floating effect on your indoor space:

Installation Methods For No-Backing Neon Signs

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How to Install Neon Signs Using Plastic Nails

Installing your neon sign with plastic nails works well, especially with neon signs without backing. It’s ideal if you don’t like seeing nails or even wires from your neon sign. Using plastic nails gives off a clean, seamless, and professional look to your indoor space.

Watch How it’s Done
What You’ll Need

●  Plastic nails 1.2” (3cm)

●  Blueprint paper

●  Tape

●  Pencil

●  Drill with a 1/4” (6mm) drill bit

5 Steps To Install A No-Backing Neon Sign With Plastic Nails
Step 1

Prepare the needed materials in an accessible area and screw the nails into the backside of the neon.

Step 2

Position your blueprint on your installation surface and tape it to hold its place. Using your pencil, mark all the screw-hole locations then safely remove the blueprint.

Step 3 

Grab your drill and make sure a 1/4” (6mm) is in place. Drill holes in the marked areas.

Step 4

Align the nails to the drilled holes.

Step 5

Lastly, fix the wiring based on our guide. Plug in the power adapter, and try to turn on your neon sign!

Download the Printable PDF Manual

How to Install a Neon Sign Quickly With Double-Sided Tape

Install your neon sign instantly using double-sided tape. It’s easy, less tacky, and fast! Using double-sided tape is a convenient option to put your sign on the wall.

Double-sided tapes are best used for small neon signs like HiPatterns and HiScripts. We provide you with perfectly-sized double-sided tapes with strong adhesion. The double-sided tape that comes in your package is already cut to the right size so you would not have to worry about your tape being visible.

Easily Install Your Neon Lights. Watch This:

Here’s a simple video tutorial on how to install your LED neon sign with double-sided tape.

Things to Prepare

Everything you’ll need is in the box! You’ll get the following items inside:

●   The neon sign

●   Double-sided tape

●   Dimmer switch cord

●   12V Power adapter

●   Black cord with plug: 1m (3ft)

3 Quick Steps in Installing with Double-Sided Tape

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to have a flawless neon sign installation with double-sided tape.

Step 1

Remove all materials from the box. Grab the double-sided tape and put your neon sign on a clean table.

Step 2

Place the tapes at the back of the sign. Make sure to align each piece of tape well before sticking it to the sign and place it proportionally in all corners you can cover. 

Step 3 

Once done, you can now find the area you want your sign to go to and just stick it on the wall. Connect all the wirings together, plug it in, and watch your sign light up!


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