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Windsor The Art Lab Studio Light Up Entrance Windows with Pink Neon Sign

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Windsor neon sign supplier art

The Art Lab is a process-based art studio, meaning that the focus is more on the process of creating art than on the end result. It’s about falling in love with the journey and not getting too caught up in where it leads. Walker was inspired by her time at the YMCA to incorporate aspects of the ‘play to learn’ strategy. It encourages children to actively explore ways to problem solve through play and creativity. It also helps children develop social and cognitive skills and gain self-confidence required to engage in new experiences.

HiNeon fabricated the ArtLab logo with Pink LED neon. The studio put it in windows front with hanging strings that come within the package.

If you’re in Windsor area and wanna experience creative, fun and affordable art education.
Pay them a visit at: 894 Ottawa Street | Windsor, Ontario.

the art lab studio logo neon sign
The Art Lab logo design
art studio custom windows neon sign pink LED
This is how the finished neon sign looks like
pink LED neon letter sign the art lab
personalized art painting studio pink neon sign
Windsor The Art Lab studio pink LED neon sign

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