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Wall Neon Sign For Prixima Media Investing Company

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Custom logo neon sign for Proxima
Custom logo neon sign for Proxima in white.

About Proxima and the Logo Wall Neon Sign

Proxima heightens the professional ambiance of their office with a white wall neon sign of their logo. Proxima has been in the back of the media industry with financing most of the famous and award-winning films and TV series in Hollywood. A few of their produced films include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Matrix, Mamma Mia, Gran Torino, and Despicable Me.

Their corporate logo has been transformed into a beautiful and professional-looking sign that would brighten and heighten up the professional ambiance of the big media investment company that they are. With a wide wall and large signage, it would provide an ambiance of opulence and professionalism in today’s modern interior design trend.

About the Custom Company Wall Neon Sign for Proxima

Proxima wanted to have a white neon sign for their 13 feet wall which explains the size of the sign. They wanted their actual logo which is in black into a white light and that is what we delivered. The precision of the logo is seen from the font, sharp lines, and clean intersections. Making a large neon sign such as this needs to be cut into several parts. The PRO and the XIMA were put together to make up the actual neon sign.

Mock up and actual sign of the Proxima neon sign
Mock up and actual custom neon sign for Proxima Media Company.
Beautiful creative shot of the custom neon sign
Beautiful creative shot of the custom neon sign for Proxima.
Sharp edges and intersections of the logo neon sign
Sharp edges and intersections of the logo neon sign.
Faux custom neon sign for media company
Faux custom neon sign for a media company.

We create custom neon signs that stick true to your branding. We have customized and delivered signs to corporations, and businesses all over Canada and the US. See some of our previous projects and design options for more inspiration on your next project.

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