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Volcom Custom Made Neon Sign Light Up New Clothing Line Launch Party

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Inspired by creative spirit, Volcom was founded in 1991 and creates products for the persistent who are true to their passions.
It is a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products.

Working with Volcom design team from Costa Mesa California, HiNeon delivered two PCs of 5ft tall outdoor Volcome logo LED neon sign and one #GMJLA sign for their events.

The signs are used for the VOLCOM x GMJ Collection launch party at START Los Angeles.

Volcom logo neon sign drawing with stands.

This sign is fabricated on black painted stainless steel backing for outdoor durability. It’s engineered with two metal supporting legs so the sign can standalone by itself on the ground for outdoor events.

#GMJLA neon sign in acrylic box GMJLA (cool white neon sign in acrylic box sketch)

Event Recap Video and Instagram social media buzz is in the end.

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