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Triller Logo Neon Sign in San Francisco

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Triller Neon Sign
Beautiful pink logo neon sign for Triller.

About Triller and the Custom Neon Sign

Triller spices up their video or photoshoot with a Triller logo neon sign. Triller is a place you can create, share, and connect with millions of songs at your fingertips. In fact, all the stars are using Triller, just check out their Instagram to see.

This neon sign was used for their office in Los Angeles, California. According to their content manager, this neon sign “adds such a fun touch” to any shoot. See below how cool this neon sign looks and how close it looks to their actual logo.

Creating the Triller Neon Sign

The Neon Sign is built with pink neon lights, the same color as the actual logo with the lights making out the outline of the logo. It’s an indoor neon sign with a clear backing that outlines the logo to put it together but still maintains its clean and neat looks.

Mock up and actual photo for Triller custom logo neon sign
Mock up and actual photo for Triller custom logo neon sign
Pink Triller Neon Sign
Close-up of pink or purple custom neon sign.
Creative shot of the Triller neon sign
Creative shot of the Triller custom logo neon sign

Have your own logo neon sign! You never have to explain what the sign is since just one look they know. Get your branding accurately done in neon with our rigid neon signs. Start customizing for your next project! Check out our works to get more inspiration. We provide you with options to meet your desired outcome however you want to use it.

5 Star Review

“We love our neon sign. Photo and video is our business and these add such a fun touch to any shoot.” says Danny on our reviews page.

Triller Neon Sign in acttion
Check out the custom Triller neon sign in action

Check out Triller!

Triller is one of the music and video platforms that stars use for their socials. Make celeb quality music videos, do a remix, collaborate, and connect with Triller. All this in your fingertips. Get Triller on your Android or IOS device and try it yourself.

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