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Toronto Rebelstork Logo Neon Sign Lights Up MOMFEST 2019

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Neon Colors:

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White, Yellow

Toronto LED neon sign rebelstork logo side view details

Rebelstork is a modern marketplace community that enables the buy-and-sell of expert-curated, experienced baby gear. Helping parents empty their nests of outgrown goods via local pickup and fill their nests with newness priced by a proprietary algorithm, the brand takes the hassle and the haggle out of pre owned baby gear. Born in Toronto in 2019, Rebelstork is on a mission to minimize the stuff-burden on the OG Mother Earth, and make parenting lighter.

Rebelstork supports sustainability by honouring the lifecycle of quality items beyond their current lifespans. Buyers save money. Sellers make money. And landfills are used a little less. Who wouldn’t want that?
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Rebelstork custom logo design size and dimensions
Rebelstork logo design and sign dimensions
Toronto custom logo neon sign rebelstork yellow and cool white color neon
Finished neon sign on clear backing. Yellow and cool white 12mm neon line.
Toronto Custom Neon Sign Rebelstork light up sign
Front view of neon corporate logo sign light up
Toronto yellow LED sign zoom in tree structure details

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