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Toronto Oasis Cafe & Lounge Neon Up The Bar As Relaxing Atmosphere

Product Line Used:

Neon Colors:

Custom Neon Signs

Green, Ice Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

neon bar lights - oasis lounge palm tree led neon sign for bars

Oasis cafe & lounge brings a new meaning and a new experience to the world of shisha, food, drinks and quality time.
It’s a chill and relaxing bar for friends to gather.

If you’re in Toronto area, Oasis is open at:
Unit 28-30,120 Newkirk Rd,
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9S7

Oasis lounge bar neon sign sketch
Oasis lounge bar neon sign sketch w/ Palm tree
OASIS bar light up sign
Finished OASIS neon sign light up
sexy lips with smoke LED neon sign UV printed PC
Red Lips with smoke neon sign with UV printed smoke details
red neon lips with white smoke LED neon sign
red lip neon sign nightclubs
But First Shisha smoke LED neon sign
But First Shisha pink neon sign

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