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Toronto Glassbox Barber Shop Refreshing Logo Made With 20mm Thick Neon

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hair salon glassbox custom neon signs

Glassbox Barbershop is where the new school barbershop meets the old school. It’s bridging the gap between mens modern day hairstyling and traditional barbering. The shop is at the cross section of skate culture, old school barbering and boasts a clean, modern aesthetic.

Glassbox is open seven days a week. You can book an appointment on their Instagram @glassboxbarbershop
They’re located at

Glassbox Barber Shop Neon Sign Sketch
Glassbox Barber Shop Neon Sign Sketch, cool concept logo
Glassbox Barber Shop LED neon sign no backing
HiNeon fabricated the sign with 20mm thicker neon, no backing
light up signs custom thick neon barber shop
Visual comparison of HiNeon 20mm thick neon and 12mm standard neon line.
thin neon vs thicker neon LED neon light

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