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SUNSET Rocks Corporate Event Neon Sign

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Red, White

Beautiful SUNSET Rocks corporate events neon sign
Beautiful neon sign for SUNSET Rocks corporate event.

About SUNSET and the Neon Sign

SUNSET Rocks the party with a corporate event neon sign. Mastronardi Produce is the largest distributor of Greenhouse-grown produce in North America. It distributes a variety of award-winning non-GMO produce under the SUNSET brand.

Sunset Rocks is an exclusive event where the company features rock, pop, and country hits. Not only does this event bring together music, but it also generates donations from the event’s attendees and sponsors. for Brighter Bites and families they serve.

Creating the Rocking Neon Sign

This cool neon sign brings the edgy white neon texts with red sharp lines forming an X. The whole sign has a clear acrylic backing to bring the logo together. This makes it suitable to hang on the ceiling or to install on walls. Overall, the sign really brings our the rocking feel suitable for their corporate event.

This is just one of the many projects that we created for corporate events. With our high-precision and computer-assisted molding equipment, we are able to create rigid signs that most companies would require. You can see clearly in this sign, no matter how many sharp lines or how complicated the design looks, we can still create the sign that your company needs.

Mockup of the corporate events neon sign
Mockup of the SUNSET Rocks neon sign
Red and white events neon
Amazing neon with cool red and white lights
SUNSET ROCKS close up logo neon
Closeup shot of the SUNSET Rocks neon

We would love to work with you on your next project. Custom neon signs are one of the best assets that you can have which could definitely last for a long time. We also have lots of design and installation options you can choose from to make your sign look as accurate as can be. And also be installed whichever way you want it to be.

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