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Sunday At The Museum Light Up Entrance With American Sign Language in San Francisco

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Museum restaurants can be hit or miss, but this one, in the Asian Art Museum, is a hit – we’d go back even if we weren’t also checking out an exhibit in the museum itself. It’s a counter-service spot with a menu featuring things like prawn noodles, tomato soup with coconut curry cream, and a Korean fried chicken sandwich on a steamed bao bun. There are small tables around the bright dining room, plus one large communal table at the center, and while a lot of the guests seem to be museum-goers or employees, if you work in the area, stopping by for a quick fried chicken sandwich is not a bad idea.

Below is chef @deukihong’s explanation about this awesom LED welcoming neon sign:
One of the first things you’ll see when you walk into @sundayatthemuseum is our “SUNDAY” sign and if you’re not familiar with American Sign Language, this is our name (S-U-N-D-A-Y) in ASL. We get asked about this sign the most so its fitting we feature it first! The reason behind it is simply that we just wanted to shine light on a (beautiful) language that isnt even recognized nationwide but is so vital to the deaf/mute community. So this is not only our sunday sign but “sunday in sign”

For all the SF visitors, please pay a visit to the restaurant. It’s definitely worth the experience.

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