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About Stella Artois and the Neon

Stella Artois Distributor uses custom the beer neon signage of the brand to showcase this line of beer to customers. Stella Artois is a beer with Belgian roots and tradition best enjoyed in a chalice. It’s best to drink it following the ritual for the best experience and foam effect. Enjoy the traditional taste that brings the taste of history to the present as you sip into the chalice of Stella Artois’ beer.

More About this Beer Neon Signage

Stella is the Latin word for star. The sign uses the star in the beer;s logo using red neon lights and emphasizing the name of the brand in big white neons. Putting it all in place is a clear rectangular backing. The sign can be installed using a hanging chain or it can be directly mounted on the wall.

This is just one of the many neon projects we have in our collection. See more of our works to get more inspiration for your next project. If you are looking into creating a neon sign for your brand, we are happy work with you to make your dream neon sign a reality. Just send us your design and we will send you a quote for free!