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SpaceCamp Double Stroke Neon Sign

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Titled Shot of the Neon Sign
Tilted shot of the neon sign

About SpaceCamp Studio and the Custom Neon

This double stroke custom neon is ordered by Futura Interiors. Futura is an an Interior Design firm in Tustin, California. They have a wide range of customer base such as luxury international and domestic hotels, high-end resorts and spas, restaurants and offices, as well as exclusive residential facilities.

SpaceCamp specializes commercial and residential projects. They design and build accessories, constructing, and renovating. The sign would definitely add a more interest for their studio and add a more visual inspiration. A light up neon sign is great for adding brandiing to your studio, indoors or outdoors.

More About Double Stroke Neon Signs

Double strockes are great for simple and minimalist logos like SpaceCamp’s. It also adds width so for words or shapes. The contrasting colors of a white neon light and black backing adds more beauty to the sign. On or off, this neon sign is amazing. The outlines can be clearly see with the help of the black backing. The sign sizes at two feet in diameter which is big enough for a neon sign like this to get heads turning right away.

Mockup and Actual Neon Sign for SpaceCamp Studios
Mockup and actual neon sign for SpaceCamp Studios
Side view shot of the custom neon
Side view shot of the custom neon
Lights off, double stroke neon sign with black circular backing
Double Stroke Custom Logo Neon sign
Double stroke custom logo neon sign

This is one of the many neon signs we have done for our clients. See more of our works to get more ideas for your next project. If yuo already have a design in mind, feel free to send it to us and we will help bring the design you imagine to life!

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