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Nomad Logo RGB Neon Sign

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Upright or vertical custom logo neon sign in RGB
This custom logo RGB neon sign for Nomad beautifully changes colors fit for a party.

About the Company and the Logo RGB Neon Sign

Nomad brings life to parties with a custom RGB logo neon sign! The Grafton Connor Group wanted to have an RGB neon sign for Nomad’s events and parties. Grafton Connor Group has been providing HRM services since 1963 with most of their services in Grafton, Halifax, and all over Canada.

The sign with the RGB neon colors instantly hypes us the mood and adds life to any party. The sign when lighted up changes into different colors and different speeds. It could absolutely dance with the beat of the music with a click in your remote control. Definitely a great add for Nomad.

More about the Nomad Logo Neon Sign

This is an indoor neon sign in RGB with rectangle backing that matches well with an edgy logo design. It’s a logo neon sign standing at 3 feet tall and half a feet wide. The changing neon color fits well with the purpose of the design which is to give a cool and active vibe to a party.

Mock up and actual photo for logo custom RGB neon sign
This is the mockup of the RGB neon sign versus the actual.
Side view of the Green RGB color of the custom vertical logo neon sign
Look how nice the green is on this custom neon sign.
Pink RGB custom logo neon sign
One of the many colors of the neon sign.

RGB is possible with custom faux neon signs. The changing colors and movements definitely add coolness to a normal neon sign. There many more possibilities for your custom neon sign. Check out some of our previous works for your next project!

See the Animated Custom Logo Neon Sign in Action

RGB’s are cool! Just see how beautiful these colors are! Add excitement to any event or space with RGB!

RGB custom logo neon sign in action.
See how cool this RGB custom neon sign is in action!

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