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Neon Sign On Mirror Backing Light Up Aritzia Toronto Flagship Store

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everything is going to be ok led neon light signs

Aritzia is a Canadian women’s fashion brand founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Brian Hill in 1984. Aritzia operates various upscale retail stores across Canada and the United States.

Aritzia’s brand new flagship location just opened at Bloor-Yonge, and with it comes some delicious eats.
A-OK Cafe is serving hot drinks and pastries to keep customers sustained while they shop, and the little spot is doing it in style.

The café features Irish green marble countertops, custom brass and walnut accents around the coffee bar. A neon sign reads “Everything is A-OK,” which is exactly how you’ll feel while you sip a little matcha in this chill space.

More can be found on news media:
Aritzia just opened an in-house cafe in their Toronto flagship

Neon sign on mirror backing A OK
HiNeon provide the white neon sign on a mirror like refletive backing so the LED sign can seamlessly blend with the background mirror after installation
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