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HiNeon x VQuatics: Neon Signs for Aquatic Hobbyists

VQuatics Custom Logo LED Neon Sign Toronto Ontario CA

Whether diving, snorkeling, or simply watching from a tank, there is something truly magical about the world beneath the waves. One of the most rewarding aspects of being an aquaholic is admiring colorful, fascinating creatures up close. 

But something is missing in one of Toronto’s fish stores—a sign that says we have the best aquatic animals. Learn how HiNeon successfully created a lit custom neon sign for this pet business.

Mesmerizing Exotic Fish

Specialized in Asian Arowanas and black diamond stingrays, VQuatics also takes care of other fancy freshwater fish such as koi and discus. Their vibrant-colored fish with distinct personalities entices customers to own one and set up their tank at home. 

But their old signage made of tarpaulin doesn’t scream exotic at all. So people at VQuatics went for the best neon sign makers in Canada—HiNeon.

The Best Graphic and Letter Custom Neon Sign

HiNeon captured the very essence of the shop by using a red-tail Arowana as part of the neon sign. This dragon fish not only shows strength but is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to anyone who displays this freshwater creature. 

And right below the bright red-orange neon Arowana is the shop’s name in bold, cool white neon colors. The combination of warm and cool colors invites people in, whether they’re aquatic lovers or not. 

VQuatics Custom LED Neon Light Toronto Ontario CA

Our neon specialists also understand the location where the outdoor neon lights would be, so they used clear backing against the black walls of the shop. So even during the daytime, people can still see these illuminating lights. It’s no surprise that customers have been piling in their store since their new rebranding

Business Neon Lights from HiNeon

Hineon doesn’t create a design solely based on your ideas. They also learn about your craft, business, and location so our designers can make a unique LED neon sign for you. 

Check out why we’re the best in the neon industry. Or better yet, customize your neon sign today!

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