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Neon Logo Sign for La Cocina with LMNOP Design Inc.

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La Cocina's custom logo neon sign
Custom logo neon sign for La Cocina’s food hall.

About La Cocina’s Neon Logo Sign and LMNOP Designs Inc.

La Cocina partners with LMNOP Design Inc. to make their food hall fab and with a neon logo sign. It’s a double-sided hanging neon sign that has now come to identify the La Cocina Marketplace in social media today. LMNOP Designs have designed several retail brands and communities. One of these is La Cocina, which offers Kitchen Incubator Program for immigrants and low-income groups to start profiting with their own business.

Last April, the La Cosina Marketplace has opened in San Francisco serving up delicious cuisines from different cultures. Graduates of their incubator program were given discounted leases in their hall at height street at a discounted plate. Currently, seven immigrant women serve up flavorful dishes in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin. The neon logo would catch customer’s attention and post this on social.

Making the Custom Neon Logo Design with LMNOP Designs

LMNOP Designs have requested to create 4 neon signs one of which is the dove logo sign for La Cocina’s Food Hall near the Golden Gate. It is beautifully mounted inside the food hall for the customers to see. It is a big double-sided neon sign sizing at 4 ft x 5 ft. Designed with the outline of their logo, a dove holding a spoon in pink neon color. Its backing is the outline of the logo’s shape, a dove holding a spoon.

LMNOP Design Inc did a tremendous job in beautifying the La Cocina Marketplace. This neon sign really added a nice touch to the fool hall indeed. See more of LNMOP Design’s projects to get more inspiration on design.

Mockup and Actual Photo of the La Cocina's Logo Neon Sign
The mockup and actual logo neon design for La Cocina’s custom neon sign.
La Cocina's Logo Neon Sign at the beautiful food hall
La Cocina’s logo neon sign looks beautiful in pictures. A beautiful representation for the brand across the internet.
Close up of the La Cocina's Spoon Logo
Beautiful close up shot of the double sided logo neon sign of La Cocina.

The mix of beautiful curves and sharp lines makes the neon sign look chic and close to the logo they have. If you want to have your logos turned into neon, then you should try our custom neon signs. No matter how you want to install your sign, yup, we got it. Check out our design guide or options to see how you can make yours. Mor more inspiration, you can go and check out a few of our projects.

Double-sided Neon Lights to Wow!

For hallways and streets, hanging neon signs are great for pedestrians, beautiful and bright neon lights not only make a catchy asset to your store but gives you a great impression all the same. Increase your foot traffic and get more social media presence for your brick-and-mortar store with a spectacular neon sign like La Cocina’s custom neon sign!

La Cocina Custom Neon Sign Double Sided Design
Close up of the sign’s head and spoon showing the double sided neon.

Check out La Cocina’s Neon Sign in Action in the Food Hall at San Francisco!

Seven hardworking have been providing delicious and healthy food near the Golden gate. Support these hard-working women and spread hope and opportunity by ordering their takeouts at the La Cocina Municipal Marketplace. See the sign in action by visiting and buying in their delicious dishes the next time you visit San Francisco Bay.

People have nothing but good words to say to the non-profit group’s La Cusina Marketplace. The first food court dubbed as the “food oasis” by some. Delicious ethnic foods from eight immigrant entrepreneurs serve up new opportunities in San Francisco. Most would feature the food hall sign together with the sign giving its identity as the La Cocina marketplace on social media.

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