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Multicolor Logo Neon Sign For Cattyshack Cafe

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Green, Orange, Pink

Beaituful Multicolored neon lights for Cattyshack Cafe

About Cattyshack Cafe and the Multicolor Logo Neon Sign

Cattyshack Cafe adds color and life to their cat café with a beautiful Multicolor Logo Neon Sign. Cattyshack Cat Cafe is obviously not your ordinary cafe. Not only do they serve delicious coffee or tea and delicious baked goodies on their menu, customers also get to relax with rescued cats! More than a cafe, Cattyshack is a safe haven for cats and kittens in need of a home.

Cattyshack has made hundreds of successful adoptions around Florida. Given the name Cattyshack, they prefer that cats don’t stay too long in their café but ultimately for them to go home to loving homes. Many have their adoptions memorialized with a photo with the neon logo sign of the café behind their backs. If you love cats yourself? Then here’s a place to go!

Creating the Cattyshack Cafe Logo Neon Sign

This neon sign is an indoor sign that’s mounted on the walls of the cat’s playroom. At first, the design was a simple text until it became a beautiful logo design with varied font sizes, colors, and palm leaves on top. Talk about Florida feels the green palm leaves on top made it all work. With orange lights and pink neon for the text, it really adds to the overall cuteness of the place.

Mockup and actual neon sign for Cattyshack Cafe.
The mockup and the actual neon sign for Cattyshack Cafe.
Cattyshack Cafe Logo Neon Sign with Lights off
Cattyshack Cafe Logo Neon Sign with Lights off. With clear outlined backing to hold the neon lights together.
Beautiful Closeup of the multicolor neon logo
Beautiful Closeup of the multicolor neon logo sign for Cattyshack Cat Cafe.
Beautiful and Creative Pine Leaves on Top
Creatively added pine leaves added on the letter “k” for a palm tree impression.

This logo design is just one of the many neon projects that our company made over the years. Get more ideas on how to upgrade your location by checking out our works. We can make the possibilities you want for your neon design to happen with lots of choices to choose from on designing your sign. Start customizing your logo with us. We’ll make it happen,

Check out cute cat pictures and the Neon liights in action!

Cats are trule the connoisseurs of comfort. Live to see cute cat photos? Check our Cattyshack Cafe! If you need a nice place to relax and chill in Florida, Go visit Cattyshack Cafe! They also offer yoga sessions with cats! Check out some adorable kitties, relax, take pictures, or even adopt a cat before going your way home. Maybe you could be one of the people adopting kittens with the cyee neon lights behind you.

Check out more photos of cats and kittens available for adoption and successful adoptions on their Facebook page. You can see the neon sign and the cute cats on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok too. Here are a few of their Tiktok feeds. Just look at these cute little fellas!

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