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Mixed Custom Neon Sign with HiPattern and Text

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Green Zen Garden Neon Sign with Leaf Pattern
Green Zen Garden Neon Sign with Leaf Pattern

Beautiful Zen Garden Neon Light

The customer wanted to have a zen garden neon sign designed with our HiPattern and text mixed custom neon sign. The customer wants to hang it on a truss. This is just one of our few personalized custom neon signs intended to be used for personal use at home. Most of our projects are for companies with big brands. This is because of our rigid neon signs. With high-quality precision molding equipment, it is possible for us to make the design as close as possible to the original mockup.

Creating the Mixed Custom Neon Sign

Providing us with a mockup the customer wishes to have a mixed custom neon sign with our leaf HiPattern sign incorporated into it. And because it is going to hang in his home, the lights come together with a clear rectangular backing. Sizing at 45inx12in, It is quite big but despite the size and because of the acrylic material, the sign is still considerably light.

Interested to have a personalized neon sign too? Go ahead and send a request and our neon specialists will be there to guide you. We make sure to provide you the best service no matter if it’s for personal use or not. You can also have a cool neon sign. We have several design options you can choose to make sure the design fits your installation needs as well.

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