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Maxxis Tires Company Neon Sign

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Company Neon Sign for Maxxis
Company neon sign for Maxxis Tires

About Maxxis Tires and the Neon

Maxxis Tires livens up their business with an orange company neon sign. Not just any tires, Maxxis tires are built for speed and durability! Having been in existence for more than 30 years, no wonder racers prefer Maxxis. Just like the brand, Maxxis’ neon sign is sure to be as splendid as the brand.

More About this Neon Sign

Orange is the color of the brand so it’s no wonder they use an orange light for the sign. It also uses a rectangular backing to put the sign together giving it a cool and professional finish. Sharp and accurate lines makes a company neon sign like Maxxis’ stand out and precise in branding. Moreover, the quality materials used makes it look like a actual glass neon sign plus a cleaner look.

Mock up and Actual Photo for Maxxis Custom Logo neon sign
Mockup and actual photo for Maxxis custom logo neon sign
Maxxis Neon Sign Lights Off
Maxxis Neon Sign Lights Off
Creative shot of Maxxis Company Logo Neon
Creative Shot of Maxxis Company Logo Neon

This is just one of the many neon projects that we have. We pride our neon signs not just for the quality but the technology we have in creating each of our neon signs. You may send us your design and we will be bring the sign you imagine to life!

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