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HiNeon x Custom Neon Sign For Matteo

This neon sign is for a new born baby.

We offer a sum of nine colors, i.e red, green, blue, ice blue, yellow, pink, orange, cool white, and warm white. The majority of our LED neon lights can be bowed and cut into any shapes and structures. Our waterproof LED lights have life expectancy of 50,000 hours and can persevere through limit of 200kg load on top. Our LED lights are environment friendly which is free of lead and mercury and made of the recyclable material and it does not require maintenance over time. The LED neon lights have a low-voltage of 12 volts, so they are secure to touch even for kids. Additionally, they are non-flammable and run at secure voltage than traditional neon. It has low output voltage so that no heat will be produced on the external surface even after long period of working. They are safe, cold, low voltage, silent and unbreakable as glass neon.

neon sign mock-up is looks like this:

Finished neon sign looks like: