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Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant Neon Sign

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Red, White

Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant Logo Neon Sign
Matsuyama’s Japanese restaurant logo neon sign

About Matsuyama and their Neon Signs

Matsuyama heightens its Japanese vibe with beautiful neon signs. Japan cities like Tokyo are famous for their luminous streets filled with neon so it’s no surprise Japanese restaurants like Matsuyama would have a custom neon made for their shop.

This restaurant lets you experience Japan from its interiors, menu, and staff. Feel like you’re in Japan in Richmond, Vancouver. Take a wonderful food experience at lunch, dinner, or late-night dinner. See their Instagram to check out their menu and the wonderful place.

About this Custom Neon Sign for Logo

The logo of Matsuyama really says Japan with it’s logo depicting the arches of the shrines in Japan. From the original logo, the outline of the shape makes out the non lights of this logo. It’s a luminous 2×2 feet line art of red circular light and a white M in a form of an arch. Putting the lights together is a clear acrylic backing finishing it off with a clean look.

Mock up and actual photo for logo custom restaurant neon sign red and white
Lights off, Matsuyama logo neon with clear acrylic backing
Lights off, Matsuyama logo neon with clear acrylic backing
Creative shot of Matsuyama's Restaurant Neon Sign
Creative shot of Matsuyama’s Restaurant Neon Signs

The majority of our custom neon projects are for company logos, signages, or corporate events. This is because our high-precision equipment enables us to bring your brand identity as accurately as possible in real neon. Check out more of our works to get inspired on your next project. Feel free to get in touch or send us your design so we could work with you in bringing the next project you imagine to reality!

See the Neon in Real Life

Craving for Japanese food? Do you miss going to Japan? Well, I guess you know where to go! You also get to see these beautiful neon signs for real. This cool-looking open sign is there to welcome you along with the beautiful logo neon of Matsuyama. It would be cool to take a snap inside the resto and the neon sign don’t you think?

Matsuyama's Custom Neon Sign for Restaurant
Matsuyama’s custom neon signs for their restaurant’s store front

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