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Main St. Noodles Logo Custom LED Neon Sign

Main St. Noodles Neon Sign in Shop

Noods Coming Your Way

Mash-ups in cuisine and beverages are not new in the food industry. As international trades have expanded in recent years, so is the exchange in the creativity and innovation of recipes, food, and cooking styles. These combinations continue to create something new and flavorful that pushes the boundaries of our palates and gusto.

A place where the East meets the West, see how HiNeon has created a fresh custom neon light for this fresh fast food restaurant that lies in the heart of Main Street!

A Palate-Pleasing Treat

Fusion restaurants are home to bold tastes and delectable palates—a mixture of cuisine and Cultures blend to create new and exciting food genres. 

Main Street Noodles is a locally owned and family-run restaurant that offers a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. Located in the heart of Main Street, Whistler, BC, this restaurant offers a variety of noodle dishes inspired by the taste of Asia combined with flavors from the West. 

Create the perfect fresh, fast food with customizable dishes. Choose your favorite protein, greens, and spice level and savor their soulful and hearty noods! 

Experience Main St. Noodles today and have a taste of these scrumptious and healthy meals. 

Neon LED Lights on the Main Street

HiNeon is dedicated to creating neon designs that would encapsulate any business in the industry. In this collaboration with Main Street Noodles, we thoughtfully curated a custom-made LED neon sign strikingly presenting their business logo. 

With bright and vibrant colors, we brought more life to the business’s logo to capture anyone passing by Main Street.

As it hangs on their shop’s window pane, their logo design and colors came to life, giving it a welcoming and modern vibe. HiNeon’s custom neon sign perfectly blends with the business’s modern take on fusion Asian cuisine.

Bring Your Logo to Life

Everything visually appealing easily draws in customers. Your logo is one of the key visuals that can grab the interest of your target audience. With your logo in neon lights, you can boost your brand visibility with bold and luminous LED lights in full color.

Elevating the Ordinary Poke


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♬ Public – KA$HDAMI

The Pacific Poke is another branch of Main St. Noodles that offers delicious traditional Hawaiian dishes and poke bowls. Their healthy, quick-serve restaurant has gained food-lover fans over time since they’ve elevated the traditional poke.

What’s fun is that customers can customize their own poke bowl! No need to stick to the ordinary combination of tuna and salmon. Add your own twist from the base to the garnishes available!

Feel free to head over to the Pacific Poke site for more details.

Make your Business Neon Ready

Looking for high-quality and custom LED neon signs for your business? HiNeon offers custom-made LED neon signs that are eye-catching and designed to last. Made with state-of-the-art laser, 3D print technology, and durable materials, our neon lights are made to withstand any weather conditions. 

HiNeon offers a broad range of neon light options for mounting and design that will spruce up your business. Instantly boost your impressions even on a crowded avenue by installing neon LED lights that will illuminate your space any time of the day. 

Make your business neon ready with designs that perfectly match your brand. Create your business sign or select from off-the-shelf designs. Get our neon experts and bring your brand to life by lighting your place with a dazzling neon sign from HiNeon! 

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