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Webcast Logo Custom Neon Sign for NADOG, Los Angeles

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Ice Blue, White

North American DevOps Group logo neon sign for their webinars (youtube channel)

About the NADOG Logo Sign

NADOG wanted to ace up their webcasts with a cool custom neon sign. From doing meet-ups in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, the North American DevOps Group, or NADOG was conceived as a place for like-minded DevOps professionals to network and share stories, ideas, and knowledge. This group then evolved into an avenue offering opportunities and a variety of events and formats all across the US, Canada, and Europe, where they are known as EURODOG.

As NADOG continues to grow, they provide different event formats for its community. One of these event formats is their online webcast or podcast called The DevOps Group Webcast or simply DOGCAST. The group guests thought leaders and technical innovators in a variety of categories such as development, test, security, release, operations, and more. In their webcasts, they use our custom neon sign to create a professional and cool feel on the speaker’s backdrop.

Creating the Custom LED Neon Sign for NADOG

This logo neon sign for NADOG is designed especially as a corporate logo or office backdrop for their online events. From the original DOGCAST logo, they wanted a sign that only contains the DOGCAST letters without the letters underneath. Designed for indoor use, the logo uses blue and cool white LED neon lights with a clear acrylic backing to put the signs together.

dogcast logo neon design mock up
Neon mock up for DOGCAST logo
dogcast youtube logo neon sign light up
DOGCAST logo neon sign light up
neon logo sign for youtube channel
DOGCAST logo neon sign side view
white letters CAST neon sign for youtube channel
CAST in white neon details

DOGCAST’s custom neon sign is one of the many customized neon signs that HiNeon has made. There is a lot more you can do to design your neon signs. The possibilities are endless with lots of options to design your own neon sign project.

Check out NADOG’s Online Events

Want to see the neon sign in action? Or if you’re a DevOps professional, you should definitely check out their events and follow them on their YouTube Channel.

Check the neon sign in live events
Look how cool their webcast is with NADOG neon sign

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