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Orange, White

Rebirth Automotive Detailing Logo Neon Sign
Beautiful logo neon sign for Rebirth, an automotive detailing company.

About the Rebirth and their Logo Neon Sign

Rebirth Automotive Detailing spices up its workshop and social media feeds with a Rebirth logo neon sign. Based in Winnipeg, Rebirth has been detailing and doing paint correction for automotive. With expertise in permanent polishes and adding more protection to vehicles such as ceramic coatings and paint protection installation.

The company has been using this neon sign together with their projects to add a greater effect to their photos. It also effectively put their brands together with their work for a more aesthetic feed. You can see more of their work as you explore and how beautiful the sign glows against the shiny cars their social media handles.

Behind the Rebirth Neon Logo

This sign is designed from their logo. With the letters r and b meaning “re-” and “birth” put together, it has formed a beautiful logo. with “as the initial being a prominent orange and outer shed of b as white. The logo reflects beautifully against the glass and the smooth coatings of the cars.

Mockup vs actual photo of the Rebirth logo in white and orange.
Featuring the new detail with ne neon sign beautifully captured in the background.
Actual photo of the neon sign with clear transparent backing.

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Check out Rebirth’s Projects Online!

Need some upgrade for your car or add a more protective shine to your car? Check out Rebirth automotive’s work on their Facebook or YouTube or go to their place to see the sign.

Project showcase with the cool neon sign against the wall.

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