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Logo Neon Sign for Go Viral

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White, Yellow

Creative shot of the neon sign
Creative shot of the neon sign

About Go Viral and their Neon Sign

Go Viral lights up their production house with a logo neon sign. This company helps its clients boost their social media presence with stunning content. They produce visuals contents that would increase the engagement for each post they create for clients.

They provide services such as commercial photography and videography. This company also does social media management for its clients. If you’re looking for a company that can do amazing photography for your products or videography for your event in Milton, you know who to call.

Making this Logo Neon Sign

This neon sign uses white and yellow neon lights. This logo’s the sharp lines and edges are possible with a computer-assisted precision equipment. This equipment molds the acrylic plastic as precisely as possible. All our neon signs are made with glass looking plastic making it look like a real neon sign. Finally, holding the sign together is a clear acrylic backing fit to the outline of the shape.

Mock up and actual photo for logo custom neon yellow and white
Go Viral Actual Photo in Action
Go Viral actual photo in real life
Yellow and cool white neon logo
Yellow and cool white neon lights

We know how branding is important to business. Most of our clients would use our neon works as signages for their businesses as well. Check out our projects and get inspiration for your next project. With our wide variety of design and installation options, we could bring the sign you imagine to life. Feel free to send us your design and our team of neon specialists will be there to guide you along the way.

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