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HiNeon x Lifesize Fitness Center Neon Sign in Kennesaw, GA

Close up of the custom shaped neon sign of a weight lifting woman.

About Gilbane’s Custom Neon Sign

Gilbane Development Company wanted to have a fitness center custom neon sign for their new building. Gilbane has been creating and implementing successful real estate programs for public, private, and non-profit clients throughout the United States for four decades. One of these real estate programs is the student center they built in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The company wanted two custom-made life-size neon signs for the fitness center of their student housing community or apartment, Bixby. They wanted a neon sign in cool white to add a nice interior to their fitness center. This apartment has a lot of community amenities such as clubhouses, study lounge, study rooms, computer lab, fitness center, and more.

Fitness Center Neon Sign Custom Shaped LED lighting

The company wanted the silhouette of two people working out at the Gym to be made into white LED neon signs. They have provided us a pdf of the silhouettes with the sizes indicated. One is a female neon sign doing a barbell back squat and the other is a male neon sign running. The neon signs have transparent backing and both are standing at the size of a real person. The female neon sizes at 114×134.6cm while the male neon sign stands at 174x118cm.

Mockup and actual custom shaped neon sign photo of a woman weight lifting,
Mockup and actual custom shaped neon sign photo of a man running.
Weight lifting female custom neon sign for fitness center.
Life size running workout LED custom neon sign.

Gilbane Development Company’s custom neon sign for Bixby’s fitness center is just one of the many other projects that we have made for gym or fitness centers. Start customizing your next neon sign. The possibility is endless with lots of options to choose from.

See the neon sign in real life

If you are a student in Kennesaw Georgia, you should definitely check out Gibane’s Housing Community, Bixby to enjoy their amenities and see the actual neon sign. You can also see their Instagram and other social media channels.

Life-size white neon signs for a fitness center in Georgia.