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Japanese Garage Neon Sign

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Orange, White, Yellow

ガレーヅ 22 Japanese Garage Neon Sign
ガレーヅ 22, Japanese Garage Neon Sign

About this Garage Neon Sign

Japanese garage store upgrades its interiors with a cool neon sign. The text ガレーヅ (garēdzu) in this neon sign directly translates to “garages in English. This neon sign uses the colors orange, white, and yellow. This matches with the red interiors of the garage store. Putting the neon lights together is a clear rectangular backing. Finally, it is mounted on the wall with advertising nails giving it a professional and clean look. Looking at this together with the interiors, the neon sign really adds up to the modern, Asian design of this garage store.

Any design or language for your neon

HiNeon have created projects with different languages involved as well such as Thai, Mandarin or just like this, Japanese. The beauty of using rigid neon signs is you can customize your neon with any shape or size you want. {rom perfect circles to cool patterns, yes, we got it. We use a computer assisted precision equipment to mold your design to the precise shape you want. Meaning what we show on our mockups would definitely be the output as well.

Japanese garage store in Canada
Japanese garage store in Canada

Do you have a project in mind? We are looking forward to working with you on your next project! Choose from our wide selection of design options and installation options to get the neon sign you imagine you will have. Feel free to email us or send a design and we’ll be there to help! You might also want to check out our Instagram page to get more updates and inspiration.

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