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HiNeon x Bullduck Tattoo Shop Green Neon Sign

About Bullduck’s Neon Sign and the Tattoo Artist

Bullduck upgrades its tattoo shop with a beautiful green neon sign. Tattoo artist Juan Parra is a painter himself. He specializes in creating colored tattoo art. with many colors available in store for you. This is why a bright-colored neon sign absolutely matches his store. If you want to make your skin a canvas and have a beautiful portrait or art to remind you of your loved ones or belief. Juan can do it for you. From simple line art to a detailed one, yes he can. Be it a masculine or feminine tattoo, he got it in his portfolio. Go ahead and check his Instagram!

Making this Green Custom Neon Sign

Juan wants to have a neon sign for his Tattoo shop designed with the name of his shop. Originally, the sign’s typography is more detailed but since the sign is a bit smaller, a simpler yet appealing design is made as an alternative. The duck fins and the colors still represented the duck for BullDuck’s neon sign. The sign also uses a clear backing that makes it look cool behind additional lighting.

With custom neon signs, anything is possible! You can have a neon sign that would fit your company image and branding depending on the color and design you want to have. Check out some of our projects and be inspired! If you are looking for someone to do your signs, we would be happy to work with you on your next project! Feel free to send us your design and our neon specialist will guide you along the way.