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Game Controller Neon Signs by the Mocas Group

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Vintage game controller neon
Console LED neon
Small LED console wall light

The Mocas Group and the neon signs

The Mocas Group improves the aesthetics of their clients with game controller neon signs. Mocas Group creates compelling art programs that reflect corporate aesthetic goals while respecting corporate budgets. Designing for 20 years, they have made different corporations look their talk.

For this project, the company wanted 3 neon consoles to be used for their client. Mocas Group has worked with well-known companies in the US under technology, finance, real estate, medical, and retail to name a few. Check out a few more of their projects to get some inspiration.

Creating the neon wall lights

Mocas Group has provided us with sketches and mockups of how the game controller neon signs are going to look once installed. All of these signs are 40 inches wide and 24 inches tall each. Being an indoor neon sign, each neon sign has a clear acrylic backing to put the lights together in position. Check out the photos in the gallery to see each neon sign.

No matter how many neon signs you want to order or how complicated they may be we got it. Sharp lines, intersecting lines, whatever shape it is, we can make your sign precisely as your mockup with HiNeon’s rigid neon signs technology and precision molding equipment. Customize your next project with us. We have a wide variety of design and installation options to make your sign. Go ahead and check out our other projects to get ideas for your next project too.

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