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Foodtrip Kitchen Custom Logo Neon Sign in Winnipeg

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Green, Orange

Logo neon sign for Food Trip restaurant
Food trip’s logo neon sign for restaurant in Winnipeg.

About Foodtrip Kitchen and the custom logo neon sign

Foodtrip Kitchen glams up their store with a custom logo neon sign for their restaurant in Winnipeg. Foodtrip Kitchen is a shared kitchen space for entrepreneurs who used to sell in food festivals. Now that there is a pandemic, they have innovated and built a restaurant to bring the food to you via delivery or dine-in.

This restaurant wanted to have a neon signage to illuminate and increase the aesthetic features of their shared kitchen restaurant. They have used this neon sign in photos in their social media which also helps in making their photo look so much more IG worthy. If you are in Canada and miss Filipino food, you better check out Foodtrip!

Making this customized neon logo

This neon sign has is made with orange and green neon lights. with two fonts and sizes. This neon sign can be installed mounted on the wall or hanging over the ceiling. The logo comes together in a metal frame backing which would make it look great even when used for outdoor events like food festivals.

Mockup and actual neon sign for Foodtrip Restaurant
Mockup and actual neon logo sign for Foodtrip Restaurant
Creative shot of the neon logo sign
Food trip’s neon sign is beautiful in every angle.
Logo neon sign with metallic backing
Food trip’s logo neon sign with metallic backing.
Creative shot of Foodtrip's Custom Neon Sign
Beautiful light effects from the metal backing of the logo custom neon sign.

This is just one of our few projects. Interested in customizing your own neon sign? Well however you want it to be, we got your back. We’ll make it happen! With lots of design options to choose from, your imagination is your limit! Check out some of our many projects and see just what we could do for you!

Go have a food trip of Filipino dishes in Winnipeg, Canada!

Check out Foodtrip Kitchen and the many delicious food on their menu on Facebook! Feel like you are on a real Food trip in the Philippines by digging into Filipino foods in Winnipeg. If you ever get the, make sure to take a shot before the neon sign to memorialize your visit!

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