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HiNeon x Unleashed Studio Custom Neon Letters

Dancing is an art of movement that puts anyone in a trace. But nothing more dramatically impacts dancing than bright neon lights setting the mood for the dance floor. 

Learn more about Unleashed Studio’s collaboration with HiNeon in creating the perfect ambiance

Promoting Strong and Sultry Fitness

There is a growing movement in the fitness world that is focused on achieving strong and sultry bodies. At the core of this movement is the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to physical fitness. 

Co-owners of Unleashed Studio, Brittany Todd and Claire Bonsey, led the urban community of Dartmouth to express their inner goddesses while enabling them to have healthier and toner bodies. Each individual can find a class that works for them based on their unique body type and lifestyle.

Despite their fitness equipment and capable mentors, something doesn’t add up. That’s when HiNeon enters the stage.

Bold Name in Hot Pink

Many people are drawn to HiNeon’s unconventional neon aesthetic, which combines a futuristic edge with retro vibes. This customized neon wall art is the ultimate dance studio for anyone who loves to move and groove. 

HiNeon used hot pink, empowering femininity, for both Unleashed Studio’s coaches and students. The place isn’t simply a classroom anymore but a place to unleash their inner divas and live out their fantasies. 

Check out the perfect vibe of our neon sign set for Brittany Todd’s sexy choreography.

Set the Right Mood With the Best Neon Signs

Whether expressing your passion for dance or just looking for a fun way to set the right mood, an LED neon sign is always a great choice. With its vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, and glow, LED neon can turn any space into a dynamic and exciting setting.

Like Unleashed Studio, it’s time to make your stage. Order a light-up neon sign from HiNeon today!

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Get in touch with our sales representative to help you get started with a custom neon order