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HiNeon x Baja Betty Bar: Home Sweet Homo Neon Sign

About Baja Betty Bar and Mexican Resto and their Neon Signs

Baja Betty levels up their restaurant and Bar with a very cute Logo and Quote Neon Signs! Baja betty is a safe place for the LGBTQ community where customers can enjoy good Mexican food and tasty colored drinks in San Diego, California!

After the pandemic, this resto and bar is ready to welcome their customers with a cool upgrade! The colors and the style of the neon sign really adds to the homey, traditional, yet eccentric feel of this restaurant.

About Creating the Neon Signs

The Neon Sign being the focal point of this restaurant really gives off the unique personality of this restaurant and bar. The owner wants an upgrade to welcome new customers after the pandemic. This gives birth to two beautiful sets of neon signs, the quote, and the logo neon sign. The signs have no backing and each light hangs directly to the wall. This makes it look clean and really part of the design. The differences in each sign’s sizes are also carefully thought and measured to fit the area above the doors where the neon signs are in place. Take a look in this gallery and see the neon signs up close.

Just like Baja Betty, we can accommodate several neon signs at a time. You can also be sure that each neon signs are of good quality. HiNeon uses computer Assisted machines and high-grade materials to make rigid neon signs. Unlike the usual neon signs in the market, each sign is made of acrylic plastic giving it a faux neon look and feel. Coming up with a new project? We’re always excited to help. Send us your design and our team will work with you to make sure you get the quality signs you deserve.