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HiNeon x Custom Neon Art Sign for Liquor Stache

Liquor stache neon art sign standing upright

About Liquor Stache and the Neon Sign

Liquor Stache makes their liquor store even more impressive with a creative custom neon art sign. Liquor Stache is a great place to get spirits, wine, or beer in Oklahoma. According to the company, “We have a good selection of spirits and wines, but we do beer really well.”

If ever you drop by in Oklahoma, you would definitely love to visit Liquor Stache with their variety of liquor that would fit your taste. Not to mention their amazing neon sign would make a pretty neat feed to your IG or other social media account don’t you think?

Creating this Neon Art Sign

Liquor Stache has provided us with a logo that they want with just “The fridge” placed on it but it has been developed and improved to something more beautiful and cool as it is today. Originally it is just a plain white neon but with a lightning bolt. The character of the neon sign has increased exponentially. Bached with a clear acrylic backing, the sign looks clean and sleek while making installation of the sign easy.

The logos or artwork you submit is not the limit. We provide you with material, design, and installation options that are optimal for you. We are proud of our neon artworks. If ever you decide to have your next project with a custom neon sign, we are excited to put our artisan to work for you!