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Custom Logo Neon Sign for Coal and Canary

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Coal and Canary logo neon sign in side view
Coal and Canary logo neon sign in side, tilted, view

About Coal and Canary and their Custom Logo Neon Sign

Coal and Canary put’s their cute shop in The Forks, Winnipeg into a whole new level with a custom logo neon sign. Wait a minute. Did I say cute? I meant fabulous! This company has been selling hand-poured artisan candles since 2014. What’s even more fabulous is how their brand is presented in every way – from their website to their actual store, social media, and even their warehouse!

This company decided to have a neon design of their logo for their store to add a cute cheeky vibe to their store which matches their branding. A pink Logo neon sign was then decided to be put up which is the first thing their customers would see as they enter their store. Aside from their candles, you could see all other accessories that their customers would love! So make sure to visit.

Making the Customized Logo Neon Sign

The original logo looks similar to the ones in the glass containers. It usually has small letters surrounding the circular border outline but to emphasize the brand name, the neon design was made to look simple, clean, and cute with a pink neon color. A clear acrylic backing supports the sign and puts the design in place together. Its 8mm rigid acrylic neon lights that mimic the original glass noon also make it look more closely to the traditional neon sign, only prettier. The size and our machine-assisted equipment made it possible to make the birds in the logo perched on the circle and sharp corners of the design as close to the actual logo and mockup on the actual neon sign.

Mock up Coal and Canary brand logo
Mock up of the Coal and Canary brand logo neon sign.
Actual custom logo neon sign for Coal and Canary
Actual custom logo neon sign for Coal and Canary in front view.
Close up shot of the birds from coal and canary custom logo neon sign
Intricate details of the close up shot of the birds from coal and canary custom logo neon sign.
Close up creative shot for Coal and Canary logo neon sign
Close up creative shot for Coal and Canary logo neon sign.

Let’s help you make your logo glow and transform into a beautiful logo neon sign. We customize neon signs with precision equipment that makes them as true to your brand as possible. We have several design options available for you to choose from. No matter how you want to use it, we got it. Check out our projects to get more inspiration for your next project.

See the Neon Sign live in their Store or on Social!

See for yourself how a neon sign could bring your brand to a whole new level. This neon sign could also help increase your aesthetics on social as well as give your customers a chance to take a photo against the sign and post your brand on social increasing your brand awareness, Check out Coal and Canary on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok to see the neon sign live. If your near, you might also want to check in their store in Winnipeg.

Coal and Canary neon sign in The Forks, Winnipeg store
Coal and Canary neon logo sign in their store in The Forks Winnipeg

Come to the Coal and Canary store at The Forks and say hi! ?✨ #fypシ #winnipeg #smallbusinesstiktok #local #widenthescreen #makemomepic

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