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Cope-a-cabana Music House Concert Neon Sign

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Warm White, White, Yellow

Cope-a-cabana logo neon sign
Cope-a-cabana logo neon sign for music house concert venue.

About Cope-a-cabana and the House Concert Neon Sign

Cope-a-cabana lights up the place with a house concert neon sign. Cope-a-cabana is a cozy, peaceful, and fun home for music-loving individuals. It’s a sanctuary of music serving Silicon Valley and San Jose’s Santana Row as a venue for acoustic music house concerts, with music from all continents.

Friends of the owner had especially made a custom order of the neon sign of the logo of this music house concert venue as a birthday present of their dear friend. If you are a music lover yourself, once you find yourself near Santana Row, You should definitely consider booking a room here in Cope-a-cabana!

Designing the Custom Neon Sign for Cope-a-cabana

Friends of the owner ordered a 3 ft wide outdoor neon sign for their friend. It’s made up of two fonts and three beautiful bright colors – white, yellow, and orange. It is made with a black metal backing and looks really cool even without its lights on.

Mockup and actual custom neon sign for Cope-a-cabana
See how close the mockup and actual custom neon sign for Cope-a-cabana came out.
Macro shot of the palm tree for the concert house's custom neon sign
Every little detail made as accurate as possible. A macro shot of the palm tree for the concert house’s custom neon sign.
Logo Neon Sign in California
Beautiful logo neon even when switched off.
Detailed and beautiful logo custom neon sign for music hall
Very crisp and detailed elements to create this beautiful neon sign

Custom neon signs though normally used for businesses can be used for your own but also makes a perfect for your friends and family. Thinking about your next project or gift for your loved ones? If you want something unique, then a custom neon sign is definitely one! We have multiple design options for you to choose from. Check out our projects to get more inspiration.

Cope-a-cabana Neon Sign in Real Life

Actual photo of the concert house logo neon sign as installed
Beautiful photography of this custom neon sign posted on their Facebook group. Especially custom-ordered by friends for the owner’s birthday.

Here’s a photo of the neon sign in Cope-a-cabana’s Facebook Group. If ever you are around California, you might want to drop by in Cope-a-cabana. You can also see this on their Instagram. Want to listen to the songs they are making? Follow them on YouTube too!

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